The ego is a separate entity with it's own brain and belief systems that are the opposite of you. The ego resides in the right limbic brain where the hippocampus, your memory banks, acts as its neocortex. The ego has an obsessive/compulsive drive, while you have will power. This gives the ego a huge and unequal advantage in power over you. The ego has a compulsive drive to be thinking all the time about the past or the future, causing you to go unconscious because of the lost awareness. The only time you have control of the mind is when you're in the present, which can block the ego thoughts from your mind.

As long as the ego can remain incognito, it can maintain its control over you and avoid responsibility for its misguided beliefs, desires and actions. It has dozens of rationalizations and tricks to lead you away from this knowledge. That's why there is such a scarcity of information on the ego. When you see disfunc-tionality on a family-personal level to a national level, it is because of the insidious control the ego is capable of imposing on the unsuspecting public.

Only the ego's brain has the abilities to be depressed, angry, fearful or insecure. You have no nuclei in your brain that can make you capable of those emotions. The ego is very vulnerable, and easily stressed out. Your job is to protect the ego by alleviating the negative, emotional stresses it creates.

The ego is your sun sign with 3 basic types. The water signs means the ego's sensory nervous system is dominate, as incoming signals cause the person to be very sensitivity. They can be overwhelmed by excessive noise or hot spicy foods. This receptive nature, like a cat, will avoid stressful situations and people. Since they live in the future, the worry and fear created by this ego is your problem.

The fire signs indicate the motor N.S. is influential. The energy is projected outward, so they like to communicate and act; they projects blame outward. They have a good memory because they are pulling data outward, and make very good spellers. Memories’ are pulled out from the past that can bring feelings of regret, resentment, hurt, anger, guilt or hate, causing anger to be your problem.

The earth signs means the autonomic or viscera N.S. is dominate. They have the energy of inertia which allows it to conserve emotional energy, so they can party all night long; and they tend to be socially nonchalant. They tend to be good at managing people, and want the power to control others. They have an uncanny ability to go right to the heart of a matter and know what to do. This ego tends to thinks their life is just fine and are unlikely to explore new areas of life.

Like herding animals who have a lot of infighting among themselves to establish a social hierarchy, this ego will rank people along a vertical hierarchy. It will rate the self and others, as being above or below the self, worthy or unworthy.

Critical thoughts of others come from the ego which you need to stop. Allowing these criticisms will make you insecure as you yourself will also be judged. When you go along with the ego's criticisms, you have acquiesce to the it's belief system instead of your own. By accepting its criticisms it sees it's the one in charge, so its dominance will grow.

This ego will not bother you with anger or fear, but with insecurity, which is caused by its criticisms. Each time you allow the ego’s judgments and criticisms to prevail, the more insecure you will become.

The ego is your engine of energy and is very powerful; the other three selves; the body, the higher self and you, each have their own separate nervous systems represented, resulting in any number of distinct character and personality configurations, which makes us very complex people.

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